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Introducing the first engineered perfect flame

The Harris Products Group is committed to helping customers revolutionize their brazing operations. Using our products and our Documented Cost Reduction Program (DCR), which identifies and quantifies the impact of potential end-to-end technical and operational improvements, our customers routinely benefit from partnering with our team of experts . Now we have a new system to push operational excellence even further - the Perfect Flame®.

The Perfect Flame® is an engineered solution that delivers consistent results for repetitive, high-volume handheld brazing applications. With the Perfect Flame, you can achieve repeatable brazing outcomes. The innovative system includes torches, tips, flow control devices, and software that work together to improve brazing quality.

With the perfect
flame, you will get

  • A scientific method of analyzing, setting and controlling the “perfect flame” for each joint
  • The ability to save up to 100 flame presets
  • Standardization of your brazing operations
  • Production management control over flames, removing the inconsistency of user-controlled flames
  • Real-time flame monitoring
  • Batched data analytics to manage and improve operations

leads to

  • Fewer leaks and rework
  • Reduced operator training time
  • Improved quality and lower cost

Reduce Cost. Improve Quality.

The Perfect Flame features a first for brazing operations: data analysis. Management has never had the ability to capture and analyze this data until now. The Perfect Flame’s performance- tracking program provides real-time monitoring of each torch flame. Data is batch-uploaded via wifi to a cloudbased web application. Management can now improve their hand brazing applications through the Six Sigma DMAIC process.
Desktop_PerfFlame_DMAIC iPad_PerfFlame_DMAIC Phone_PerfFlame_DMAIC

Model ST

Perfect for a single brazer who has multiple different braze joints per job and needs to quickly adjust the flame settings. The single torch configuration allows a brazer to toggle between five different settings from the library of up to 100 preset flames. Hands-free technology allows users to switch between flames via a foot pedal. Now your operators can move quickly from joint to joint without the need to manually adjust the flame.
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Model MT

The Perfect Flame MT, a multi-torch configuration, is best suited for high-production operations where individual operators are brazing the same or different joints. Three operators can use the same or different flames, each controlled by one multi-torch unit. The operators can select the preset for the joint being brazed, and start or stop the torch, without affecting the flames of the other torches. Data is collected and reported for each torch.
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Cost Reduction

Harris Products Group is the only company that manufacturers both brazing equipment and consumables.

We are experts on both sides of the flame – from gas delivery to flame control. We use this expertise
to help customers improve operations through our Documented Cost Reduction (DCR) process. DCR is a risk-free

We audit your current brazing operations, identify deficiencies and recommend improvements – all presented in
a concise format: Documented Cost Reductions Report.

Finally, if you decide to move forward with some or all of these identified projects, we will then help you design
and implement a program to achieve results.

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